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I am a Vampire, Madam. by elbarien

First of all, i personally believe that art is relative, and have no right or wrong, better or worse. It is from the constructs of our ...


No Shirts in the Summer by JetEffects
No Shirts in the Summer
Finally, heres one for the ladies! After drawing for work for 10 hours, Noticed a really cool 3 source lighting scheme on my Webcam with @boogieongster, decided to do a quick study before bed. Man there’s much I still have to learn. BTW, I wish I was nearly as buff or as cool as this drawing
Swimming At Night by JetEffects
Swimming At Night
A random drawing, i did on Sinix's…  Played around with downward shot and Sinix suggested I do doing blown out specular highlights, so i did. IT was fun! Pose was referenced. 


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Jet Kimchrea
United States
Ima draw you, Stay still, okay move, okay stay there, okay, almost done, wait, dont no not yet. okay fine head there AHHHH turned around man, fine ill draw her.... doop, or your back, okay stay still, squint squint, NOOO NNOOOO god NOo oh DAM, (he gets off bart train) ^@#%$^$^&% bleh

Current Residence: USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Huh?
Print preference: The good kinds..?
Favourite genre of music: kpop Jpop oldies, anything that sounds good
Operating System: Imac
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Shrimp Shells!
Skin of choice: The hell?
Favourite cartoon character: Setsuko
Personal Quote: Boog boog...
Update Febuaray 4, 2014: My CHannel has moved!!!

It was moved because at least 7 of my videos were being blocked do to copy right reasons, i even got a notice that, if i play any more songs I will lose alot of posting privileges. Also i always wanted an intro to my video as well as getting all my thumbnails to look professional so i thought id start fresh in this new channel. Hope you guys check it out. All the videos from my old channel will be added gradually, i just gotta go through them and fix the sound tracks add intros etc. The difference from my old channel and the new is, the new one has "THE" in it. From just "jettyjetshow" to "THEJETTYJET SHOW) 

Hey guys,

Jet here! Ive put this off for far too long. Any who I've started a youtube channel about a year ago, and i thought i'd make an official flyer for it to explain explicitly what i'll be doing as well as cover some of the questions that some of you guys may be having. 

After a lot of time out of art school, i had some spare time, and between looking for work, i thought i'd put together a channel. Something that can put me out there, but also something for the people, the ones that needed help, the one's who were a little lost just like myself. I wanted to give back to the community, and give them information that i didn't know existed, so that they might not have to go through the same thing i did. Art should NOT be SO DAM EXPENSIVE! And to prove that, i wanted to go the oppisite way, and offer the very same lessons I LEARNED for free. 

Ill be teaching at a very beginner friendly level at first and gradually turn up the heat. Hahah, but at a pretty slow pace, and the videos will ALWAYS be out there for you to review, so you can go as fast or slow as you want.Here are a list of prospective tutorials. 
Videos I will Cover
Male Figure Drawing
Female figure Drawing
Figures in Perspective
Fore shortening
Drawing from photo reference

Time lapse Videos/Fanart/Random
Fun Sexy Cute Anime Girls
Kickass Anime Boys

Monster design
Creature Design
Character design
Robot Design

Heres the link GO GO GO! 

If you like this, then PLEASE help a brother out and subscribe, if not, RUN AWAY FAR FAR AWAY! If you have any comments questions at all, write to me, ILL TRY AND ANSWER!!!!

Why Am I doing this?

First of all let me give you a little back story about myself. I'm a freelance artist, here in California. Loved to draw my whole life. I spent about 7 years in college, 3 years in city/community college trying to figure out what i wanted to do. My last year in city college, i decided i'd further develop my art skills in The Academy of Art University. After completing art school, i learned soooo many things. Things about life, many lessons in art, as well as the realization that, only 25% of what i experienced there was worth my time and money, and 10% of THAT goes towards meeting my friends. So realistically, 15% was ACTUALLY ART related. The rest was having to complete ridiculous classes that really were complete waste of money and time. Even some of the art course were not worth half my money. In those cases I was producing work, i literally can say i'd be able produce on my own. In some of those cases the teachers have proven to be psychologically traumatizing, and have been a deep scar on my emotional and mental well being. Slowly recovering. (yeah it was that bad, read my last blog) *disclaimer , foundational classes are not one of these classes. Although still a bit expensive (2000+$per) they were the most valuable out of all imo* 

Yes, im a bit regretful as you may have guessed. I'm in a buttload of debt because the art scene is'nt a place to be getting rich(there is that 1% that reach celebrity status however), yet our tuition is as much as law school student would spend. It only hits you when, YOU/YOURSELF, actually begins to pay back the money you borrowed. At the rate at which i am paying, the interest calculator says i will be paying almost the same amount of money i borrowed by the time i finish paying everything off (yeah...) it really wasn't worth it. I'm doing okay financially because of my wonderful clients in freelance but it was nothing like i envisioned, and the school made it out to be.

I can't blame it all on school either. One big lesson i discovered was that, in ANY field, success does not depend on what school you go to, Success will only be what you are willing for it become. Through discipline and hard work you can achievev anything and gain success. Id say 75% of success comes from the individual. You can go to THE MOST expensive schools, and work with THE BEST art teachers, with the top of the line equipment, but if you are not willing to do the work and put in that EXTRA WORK, then you wont make it. 

But since you've gotten this far in this mission statement/letter/flyer thingy, I KNOW YOU WILL MAKE IT. Since You have the willingness to read, then you have the wiliness to learn, which means have the willingness to succeed. So go on and succeed alreadY! GO! GO RUN WITH IT! Here TAKE IT!

(I know, writing and punctuation is crap!)

Jet Kimchrea

Software: Manga Studio 5/Photoshop CS5/Wacom Intuous/4 Imac

p.s. Am i a fool for writing this? A very famous Noah Bradley Says the same, He also provides MANY usefull links where you can further develope your art skills if you are tired of waiting for more videos from me, are ready to take your stuff to the next level. Check him out, its a very well written artical. Noah Bradley "don't go to artschool" The options are dam plenty.…
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You are amazing. Have a nice day! Coffeecup 
rujiidragon Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey Jet, I don't know if you'll have the time to read this but I thought I might ask. I really love your's and Sycra's streams and have learned a lot from them. I wanted to ask ( But I don't have a you tube account.) If you were to never have gone to college, what would you have done differently for an education?
 I always feel like a jerk and a kill joy to ask online pros art questions, I don't have any RL community near me or art friends, and I don't have a place to get constant critiques. I know you guys always hype on drawing all the time, but I feel I'm doing just that but lack the community, motivation, and direction colleges and classes have.
   If you had to start over, what would you do to become a pro in your field and improve with the resources we have now?
Thank you! 
pandabutler Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015
Love your work!! kawaii dancing emoticons 
Keep posting!! 
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JetEffects Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015
Isaego Kicked my butt!
GlassLotuses Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Just wanted to say I watched your critique of my friend L3v's work and I found it pretty useful and awesome ^^ you have some very nice and helpful works and you seem to be a night owl like me XD (do you regularly stay up until 4 doing critiques like that?) I hope to see you around the sycra hangout at some point maybe ^^ you seem pretty cool
HasssanArt Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Hi man your style is awesome really I enjoy with your gallery
OfficialAlekPierce Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey Jetty! I didn't know that you were on DA!
Ringostarr1991 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Saw your videos on the tube; thank you very much I feel much more comfortable in MS5 now. 
Daidus Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yo wassup man, I'm khmer too.. Well, half khmer. Dope work man. If you got skype and shiet that would be dope too:D
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